Month: July 2018

Orthodontist in South Charlotte and Waxhaw

Orthodontist in Waxhaw, NC | Orthodontics and Oral Surgery

Orthodontist Near Me Are you planning on having orthodontic treatment? In some cases, patients may be referred to our office for oral surgery prior to starting their orthodontic treatment. Below are some of the reasons why this can occur. You need one or more teeth extracted. If your teeth are too crowded due to large…

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28173 Orthodontist | Brushing Braces

Orthodontist Waxhaw Proper care of your braces is an important step in the process of giving you that fantastic smile you want to have. You will be shown the proper care of your braces when your orthodontic treatment begins. Effective cleaning of your mouth is important every time you eat, especially during orthodontic treatment. Braces…

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Waxhaw Orthodontist | Orthodontics in Ancient Times

Orthodontist Near Me Did you know that dentistry dates back to around 400-300 BC? Hippocrates and Aristotle actually contemplated ways to straighten teeth and fix certain dental conditions. Archaeologists have found numerous mummies with what appears to be metal bands wrapped around their teeth. Researchers believe this is the first sign of ancient orthodontics put…

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