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At Three Leaf Orthodontics, we make visits to the orthodontist care free and convenient for everyone.

If your searching for quality orthodontic care from an ABO Board Certified Orthodontist, such as Invisalign or braces in SouthPark and the South Charlotte area, schedule your complimentary consultation today; we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Three Leaf – Your Trusted Orthodontist In SouthPark

Three Leaf Orthodontics offers a wide range of orthodontic treatments, including:

Prevention And Early Interceptive Treatments

We perform orthodontic screenings on kids as young as 7 years old. 

Orthodontic screening for children beginning at age 7 is one of the most effective ways to prevent complex issues with the alignment or spacing of teeth and jaws. Treatment may not be needed immediately, but preventive screening visits allow Dr. Markey and our team to monitor your child’s teeth as they develop, ensuring early detection if issues do arise.

Common orthodontic concerns that can be addressed by early interceptive treatment include:

  •     Crowding: teeth are crooked and overlap due to lack of space to develop
  •     Underbite: bottom teeth rest in front of top teeth
  •     Overbite: top teeth rest too far in front of bottom teeth, and cover the bottom teeth more
  •     Cross bite: top and bottom teeth do not align
  •     Open bite: front teeth do not touch when teeth are closed
  •     Gapped teeth: large, uneven spaces occur between teeth
  •     Protruding teeth: one or more teeth are angled outward


Braces are the most common form of orthodontic treatment. They are highly effective at correcting a wide range of orthodontic issues. Traditional braces involve the use of metal or tooth colored, ceramic brackets that are placed on your teeth with adhesive and connected by wire. With modern advancements, braces are less invasive, are more comfortable, and frequently require fewer visits than in the past.


Looking for Invisalign in South Charlotte? We offer this award-winning clear aligner treatment at affordable prices! Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® use a series of clear, removable aligners that are worn securely over your teeth. Since the custom-made Invisalign® aligners are clear, they are designed to allow patients of any age to receive orthodontic treatment discreetly.

Surgical Orthodontics

For severe cases, Dr. Markey may recommend orthognathic surgery. We’ll team up with your dentist and oral surgeon to come up with a plan that works best for your unique situation.

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Orthodontist in South Charlotte

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Orthodontist in Waxhaw and South Charlotte

“Just wow! We're so glad we found Dr. Shane! Being new to the South Charlotte area, we did some research to find an orthodontist in Waxhaw that had extensive experience but also great bedside manner. They were super low pressure about our decision, and their flexible payment plans are very affordable. Bottom line is that we didn't even want to "shop" elsewhere after our first visit. Thanks so much, Dr. Shane! Keep up the great work serving Waxhaw.“
~Brant S.


Three Leaf Orthodontics SouthPark

Orthodontist in Waxhaw and South Charlotte

Why Us?

Our tagline is "making friends, creating smiles", and that's something we take to heart. Here’s why you should choose Three Leaf Orthodontics as your orthodontic home:

  • Convenient location, convenient hours: We’re conveniently located in the brand new Apex SouthPark development. We offer flexible hours, allowing you to schedule appointments before and after school or work.
  • Open treatment areas for kids: Our beautiful, airy treatment bay makes being a patient enjoyable and fun. For adults, we also have a separate private area.
  • Flexible payment options: We offer a wide range of payment plans to suit every budget. With a variety of year-round discounts, interest free financing, and being in-network with many of the major insurance providers, we gladly remove the financial stress of treatment, so you can enjoy creating the smile you’ve always wanted.
  • Experienced orthodontist and staff: Dr. Shane Markey has been in the dental field for over 20 years, forming relationships with families from all over Waxhaw and Charlotte, NC. Dr. Markey and the highly skilled Three Leaf Orthodontics team look forward to bringing their expertise and care to patients in SouthPark and South Charlotte.

If you've been searching for a convenient, affordable, and experienced Board Certified orthodontist in South Charlotte, look no further than Three Leaf Orthodontics.

At Three Leaf Orthodontics, you are our friend and our family, and we promise to make your experience, and your journey with us, a wonderful one. We aim to make you smile from ear to ear, and feel like ‘Three Leaf’ is your home from home. You might even leave with an Irish accent (but no promises!).

See you soon!

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