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Most comprehensive orthodontic treatment includes the use of braces or aligners. In either case, your treatment involves movement of your teeth to correct poor alignment. This ensures both a straight smile and an even bite.

However, braces are not the only stage needed for a permanent orthodontic solution. Once your initial treatment is complete, the retention phase begins. Keeping your final orthodontic results requires proper use of your retainer as directed by Dr. Markey.

When it is not in your mouth, keep your retainer in its case. Pets love retainers, and it wouldn’t be uncommon for a younger sibling to hide it and then forget where they put it! Keeping it in it’s case also avoids common accidents like sitting on it and breaking it, leaving it in the sun/heat to change shape, and it’ll prevent you from having to ‘dumpster dive’ searching for it when it’s thrown out in that napkin you placed it in on the dinner table…. Yes, we’ve heard it all!

Regular cleaning to remove bacteria is a vital part of proper retainer care and protects your oral health.

To clean your retainer, brush it gently with a wet toothbrush. Disinfect your retainer by soaking it in a cleansing solution. Thoroughly rinse the appliance with cold or room temperature water before placing it back in your mouth. Hot water can cause the retainer to lose its proper shape, so should be avoided.

For more information about proper care and use of your retainer, contact our office.

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