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You’re Moving to Waxhaw, Weddington, Marvin or South Charlotte

Congratulations! Welcome to the Neighborhood!

You’ve made a big decision and you’ve decided to relocate, meaning you, or your child, may need to continue orthodontic treatment at a different orthodontic office.

Three Leaf Orthodontics works closely with patients in this situation on a regular basis, most notably because the Waxhaw and Greater Charlotte area is experiencing rapid population growth and the secret is out that this is just a wonderful place to live!

Transferring to Three Leaf Orthodontics

Even though this will be a very busy time for you, we’re here at Three Leaf Orthodontics to make this an easy transition. Dr. Markey and our team welcome many transfer patients to our office every year.

It’s important to notify your orthodontist that you are moving. Seeing your current orthodontist one more time for a final check-up or adjustment will be important. At this time, an overview of how far you have come and what treatment is remaining can be recorded for Dr. Markey. This will be very helpful.

You can also collect a copy of your records, including any x-rays and images taken during your treatment. Or, if you prefer, we can liaise with your current orthodontist to send us these records directly, as most modern orthodontic offices have digital equipment and this information can be easily and securely e mailed to us.

We encourage your current orthodontist to also complete what is called an AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) Transfer Form, which gives additional information to Dr. Markey and the Three Leaf Orthodontics team regarding your original diagnosis, the type or make of braces or aligners you are wearing, the time remaining in treatment etc. This way your care with us can transfer seamlessly.

Take Care of the Finances

Another important factor that is often overlooked by patients who are moving is the financial part of having orthodontic treatment.

If you paid in full at the time of starting your orthodontic treatment, you will liaise with the office you are leaving to determine if a refund is due. Or, if you had automatic payments scheduled with your orthodontist, these will need to be cancelled at the appropriate time. It’s best to handle all of these financial issues while you are still local, prior to your move.

Step by Step

In summary, here are some easy steps to follow:

  • Inform your current orthodontic office that you are transferring
  • Call us at Three Leaf Orthodontics (704) 727-6868 to schedule your complimentary consultation, and we’ll gather more information from you on this call e.g. your insurance coverage, contact details etc.
  • Provide your current orthodontic office with Three Leaf Orthodontics contact information
  • Request your records and an AAO Transfer Form from your current orthodontic office. This may be e mailed to for your convenience
  • Settle your financial arrangement with the current orthodontic office before you leave
  • Pack your bags and bring your smile! Welcome to Waxhaw and Three Leaf Orthodontics. We look forward to looking after you and your family!

Transferring Out of Our Office

Simply put, we undertake the above outlined process for our new patient transfers, in reverse.

Patients who are transferring out of Three Leaf Orthodontics need to let us know about their plans to move as soon as possible.

We will plan to take up to date records (typically photos and, if needed, contemporaneous x-rays), so that we have an accurate record of where you are in treatment when you transfer. It is very important that we have these records to communicate effectively with the next office about continuing your care.

Dr. Markey will complete an AAO Transfer Form. This will have all the information about your treatment that your new orthodontist will need.

We will work with you to assess the finances regarding your treatment, and to determine refunds, the canceling of any automatic payments etc.

The FIRST STEP is to call us (704) 727-6868 or chat with us at your routine appointments as soon as you know your plans, so that we can make this transition as easy as possible for you and your family.

Download the Transfer Form

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