One or Two Phase Treatments

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If your child needs immediate treatment for an orthodontic issue, Dr. Markey may recommend a one-phase or two-phase treatment plan, depending upon the problem, your child’s age, their stage of growth and, of course, their stage of tooth development.

By completing a Phase I or Early Interceptive Treatment, as it can also be called, during childhood, you may prevent your child from needing extractions, surgical orthodontics, or other complex solutions later in life.

If there are no problems identified at your young child’s consultation, we will request that we see them at 6-12 month intervals as part of our ‘Observation’ Program, monitoring growth and development, and determining if orthodontic treatment is needed as they mature. They’ll join our ‘Little Leaf Crew’. We want every stage of your child’s care with us to be fun, even when it’s the waiting period.

When we recommend a Two Phase Plan, to address an immediate concern, it’ll often take this pathway:

Phase 1

Phase 1 of a two-phase treatment plan begins when your child does not yet have all of their permanent teeth. This phase may include the use of orthodontic appliances designed to help correct any harmful oral habits, intercept development issues, guide the growth of jaws and teeth, and establish a foundation for Phase 2 correction, making for a more effective and comfortable braces experience later on.


We may recommend a period of rest between Phase 1 and Phase 2 to allow the remaining permanent teeth to develop. Depending on your child’s needs, Dr. Shane may provide a retainer for their use during this stage. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 generally includes the use of braces (or aligners) to finalize the movement of teeth into their ideal positions. Having addressed your child’s greatest orthodontic issues with a Phase I treatment, this second phase is more comfortable and often longed for, by your little (or not so little now) braces veteran, as they can see for themselves the wonderful outcomes possible with great orthodontic care.

To determine whether your child may benefit from one- or two-phase treatment, contact Three Leaf Orthodontics for an evaluation appointment.

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