First Aid for Braces

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Though braces are safe and generally involve little discomfort, there are instances when issues may arise.

Please call us first, rather than coming by the office un-appointed, for an ‘emergency visit’, so that we can set time aside to see you and resolve your concern thoroughly.

Food Traps

A toothpick, interdental brush, or a small knot in a piece of dental floss can help remove food stuck between teeth and braces.

Lost Color Ties /’O’ Ties

If a colored tie comes off your braces you may be able to be put it back in place using sterile tweezers. If it has been lost completely, don’t worry; let us know at the next visit. If your visit isn’t for some time, call our office and we’ll arrange to place another one for you.


Discomfort for the first day or two following braces placement or routine adjustment is normal, and most often passes. Eat only soft foods, maintain good brushing and flossing, and (if you are not sensitive or allergic to them) use over the counter headache remedies like Aleve or Tylenol, until you adjust.

Lip or Cheek Irritation

New braces may cause minor irritation to the lips and cheeks, especially while eating. Use the orthodontic wax provided for you in your home care kit. Roll the wax into a small ball and place it on any poking or annoying surface to achieve comfort.

For a loose wire, use sterile tweezers or clippers to either remove or clip it, to achieve comfort. If a wire ligature is broken or missing, follow up with our office.

Protruding Wire

If a wire end is out of place, it can cause irritation to the mouth. Use a pencil eraser or cotton swab to gently push the wire back into place, if possible. Orthodontic wax can be used to cover the poking wire, or you can clip the wire with sterile clippers until you are able to visit us in the office. Call the office for further advice.

Loose Brackets

If a bracket becomes loose, notify us immediately for instructions.

Loose Appliance

If an appliance other than braces is loose or has broken, please call the office and we will arrange to see you at a time that is convenient to you.

Lost Separator:

If a separator is lost prior to your appointment, call our office to determine if it needs to be replaced prior to your scheduled visit.

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